Game jam

A couple of days ago there was an 24 hour Arnold Schwarzenegger themed game jam at my university. The themes were famous quotes from Arnold's movies and my team got 'Get to the chopper!'.

Our game is a vertical sidescroller in which you are a man equipped with a jetpack and you must avoid falling objects and seeking missiles to get to the chopper which is way far up. It ended up being quite hard but we like it that way.

We made the game with XNA. The player is controlled with the arrow keys and here is the link.

On a side note there has not been any progress on WANA because my studies have been taking up most of my time. However I have been following two space sim games with some similar game elements that were funded through Kickstarter - I am talking about Limit theory and Elite: Dangerous. They have both made some great progress and this inspired me to try and find some time to work on my game, hopefully I will succseed in doing that!

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