About me

I guess in every blog there is a post like this so here I go:

My name is Philip Uzunov (aka FiLkAtA). I'm 20 and I am from Bulgaria.
I'm currently studying Computer Games Programming at the University of Derby in England (great course in case anyone is wondering!)

Obviously I've been into computer games for as long as I can remember and into making them for quite a while too. Nowadays I enjoy programming them even more than playing them.

My passion for programming started back in 2004 (I was 11) when I found out I liked it and I was good at it. I started going to national coding competitions in C++ and I was doing very well, my biggest achievement is a bronze medal from a Junior Balkan Olympiad in Informatics.

So soon after discovering programming I naturally wanted to make computer games. I still remember the day I found out about Game Maker and how excited I was to make simple little games and later realizing how powerful it actually is. A lot of people associate it only with its Drag & Drop functionality (which is great for absolute beginners) and automatically dismiss it as something that can't be taken seriously without knowing about its scripting language.Anyway, despite what people think of it it has taught me a lot.

I've also dabbled with Unity3D to get a taste of what programming a 3D game is like, a tiny bit with UDK and more seriously with Microsoft's XNA since I had to write a game using it for my university course. I also am going to use it to develop "We are not alone". I am probably going to post some of my old games soon.

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Hello world

Welcome to my blog!
 What is it all about? I will be posting about the development of a game that I've wanted to make for quite a while now. As you might have guessed it's called "We are not alone" and it's a real time 4X game set in space. The action will take place in a single galaxy with 10 tohusand star systems, far too many for anyone to explore (except if they really put a huge amount of time into it, I might put in an achievement or something for that) and this is what makes it stand out from most games in the 4X genre. One of the X's stands for "explore" but by the middle of the game the map is usually completely explore. In "WANA" there will be always something new to find. And of course the game will feature different alien races, space combat, diplomacy and some story elements. It won't be mupltiplayer, you won't be playing single matches, instead it will be one big experince where you take your single starting star system and grow it into a great big empire playing through the story of the game or doing as you please - the galaxy will be your sandbox!
So hopefully all goes well, I will be posting links to current versions of the game and any interesting and useful things I stumble upon during the development, stay tuned!

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