It's been a while

It has been a while since I last posted. My second year in university is hard, I study a lot and unfortunately I don't have enough time to work on WANA but I have no lectures this week so hopefully I can make some progress.

Meanwhile, I recently took part in a 48 hour game jam organised by my course leader. I was in a team with two of my friends and we made Electric Bible in the Middle East. Each team had to pick from 3 names generated by the video game name generator so there were other entries with crazy themes like Startrek Breakdancing and Excrusiating Ostrich Hell.
Our game was made with XNA. We had no artists on our team, just programmers so the sprites for the game were challenging to come up with, we mostly used sprites we found on the internet. We ended up scratching our initial idea halfway through the jam but it still turned OK in the end. Our game got 6th place out of 16 teams that started the jam (but not everyone had a game in the end though). It was exhausting but also a lot of fun!

Also my course leader told me that my game Textris is going to be featured at Games@Derby Expo - Derby University's game expo showcasing student games. I'm so excited about this! It will take place on the 13th December and it is sponsored by Microsoft. Come and see it if you happen to be in Derby at the time!

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