Planets prototype

Progress hasn't been as fast as I would like, but nevertheless I am ready with my next demo - download it here.
Planet types
The main new feature is the addition of planets to the star systems which so far don't do anything really, but I am slowly getting there. There are 8 different planet types so far - Lava, Desert, Terran, Jungle, Ocean, Gass giant, Arctic, Barren and there are also moons. I am planning on adding 2 or 3 additional planet types.

Also, the mighty sun has been kind enough to make some music for the game, please tell me if you like it and does it fit the game. I am personally very happy with how it turned out, I think it fits both the space theme of the game and the graphical style I've gone with.

Comments on the previous demo suggested that I should add dragging of the view around with the mouse, so that is possible now. Of course it is still possible to do it with the arrow keys as well. Clicking on star systems and planets zooms in on them, also scrolling in on them while they are highlighted does the same.

Have a look and tell me what you think!

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